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Dental Hygiene

The dentist will perform your initial exam and cleaning.  Our hygienist team will then be involved in your subsequent cleanings in our specialized hygiene treatment room.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer porcelain veneers and bonding

Our teeth whitening program consists of both an inoffice and home component to give you the best cosmetic and long lasting results.

Comprehensive Initial Visit

During the initial visit, there will be an comprehisive dental and oral cavity exam, xrays and cleaning.  We have new patient offers as well as an inhouse dental insurance plan to meet your needs.  

Esthetic Dentistry

We offer crowns as well as bridges.

We restore dental implants for proper function and esthetics. 

   Pediatric Dentistry

We see patients as young as 2.  We offer routine cleanings, exams, preventive sealants, xrays, fluoride and filings.  We also create dental mouthguards.  We encourage a parent be present during  treatment.


We offer both full and partial dentures.   Implants can also be placed to serve as a base for full permanent dentures.


Precious Smiles of Danvers is a boutique dental practice dedicated to exceptional care in adult, pediatric and aesthetic dentisty. We offer a wide array of services including bridges, crowns, veneers, bonding, dentures, root canals along with standard routine dental maintenance.


Dr. Tsaparlis is a graduate of Boston University where she received both her Bachelors of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees graduating with honors.  She also received advanced training in the Boston University School of Dental Medicine Advanced Education in Graduate Dentisty.  Prior to coming to Danvers, she was the original founder of Haverhill Family Dental.  Dr. Tsaparlis is also fluent in Greek.

Precious Smiles of Danvers is committed to giving their patients optimal dental care in a relaxed and comfortable atomosphere.

Dr. Tsaparlis has a long standing history of treating children for her entire career.   Pediatric patients and their parents are encouraged and  welcomed to have an introductory visit to tour the facility and meet Dr. Tsaparlis in person to alleviate any anxiety prior to any subsequent treatments.  Dr. Tsaparlis has the following approach to treating patients.  "I treat my patients as if they are my own family members". 



80 Lindall Street

Suite 7

Danvers, MA  01923

Tel: 978-880-7477 

Fax: 978-304-4998

Monday – Friday  9:00AM –5:00PM

By appointment only


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Dr. Tsaparlis is not only a perfectionist but also the most polite and honest dentist I have met.

Dr. Tsaparlis takes the time to explain in detail every procedure.  She is a true professional.  I highly recommend her.


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Dr.Kyriaki V. Tsaparlis
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